problem – separating scraping/pokerbotting

As part of my work I wanted to separate out the responsibilities of making a winning pokerbot and the scraping of casinos/hopping etc. This allows different people to focus on their own specialities. The best description I have found for this is on pokerai. An image showing what I mean can be seen below:

client server pokerbot on demand

client server pokerbot on demand

– Openholdem/Winholdem will scrape the casino and then send all poker information off to another computer, a pokerbot server.
– The pokerbot server returns what action should be taken

My pokerbot server

Well I have completed this work, a screenshot can be seen below:

OH scraping PA then sending information to server

OH scraping PA then sending information to server

See also: A video of server running and live scraping can be seen.

The window behind with all the variables is the server. To create this I had to both create a custom DLL to send the information off and a server that could process that data back into a gamestate.

Note the version shown is actually an old version, The latest includes reduced traffic consumption, encryption, replies of what moves to make.

What this allows…possibilities

  • I can rent out my pokerbots
  • collusion is easier
  • pokerbots can be programmed in any language
  • “windoze” boxes can be used to run OH, while specialised machines can be used to run pokerbots eg with 8gig ram etc, without arousing casino suspicion

I am sure you can think of more.